Kindling Cracker King Review: The XL Kindling Splitter

Since it’s invention over 7 years ago by a school age Kiwi (that’s a New Zealander), the Kindling Cracker (view our full review here) has arguably become the most popular and easy to use kindling splitter on the market.  This durable, safe and well built device is a must have here at Perfect Log Cut and for outdoor wood cutting enthusiasts around the world.  In fact, go here if you’d like to read our full review on the original Kindling Cracker.

But if there was ever one complaint about the Kindling Cracker Kindling Splitter, it was that it was best suited for smaller logs and not as adept at splitting bigger harder wood.  Well, that worry has now been answered with the Kindling Cracker King.  This newly designed model by the same folks in New Zealand is the beefed up bigger-brother many of us have been waiting for.



While the Kindling Cracker King XL Firewood Kindling Splitter is still the simple, stripped down log splitter we’ve come to love.  It has a simple design and only offers the features necessary for doing it’s job:  Splitting kindling.  This compares quite favorably to other kindling cutters and slitters with the following featuers:

  • Made of durable, crafted cast iron construction
  • 10.5 inch base with square foot holds holds steady during wood splitting use
  • Extremely safe to use, keeping hands away from the blade, while also providing effective cover from debris
  • Larger 9 inch diameter top ring and now 17  inches tall
  • Maintenance-free upkeep – Only sharpen the fitted blade as you see the need
  • Four bolt holes for permanent mounting if desired
  • Weight: 21 pounds


  • Additional height makes it possible to split longer pieces of firewood without running out of room below the splitting wedge
  • 40% Larger than the original kindling cracker
  • One piece, cast iron frame from an industry leading Australian foundry
  • Still extremely simple to use
  • The curved blade helps get the split started easily
  • Splits firewood with less force than a standard axe
  • Added size makes for a better permanent fixture and added bolt holes secure tightly
  • Backed by a 5 year limited warranty


  • Additional size and weight does not allow as much flexibility as the smaller, original Kindling Cracker
  • Added weight and bulk may not allow for as easy use among all users
  • If left mounted outside the splitter may rust over time
  • Added height and bulk may require more secured option of bolting down


The new Kindling Cracker King Firewood splitter is a welcome addition to the market of similar kindling splitters.  Just like it’s predecesor it does exactly what it is designed to do.   Yes it’s bigger and heavier, but we find it to still be portable enough for certain camping and outdoor activities.

This model is quite a bit more stable than the smaller Kindling Cracker, and we really appreciated this in combination with the ability to handle larger, longer firewood.  We could now better handle the typical sized logs that were delivered in a cord.  We no longer felt the need to pre-split our wood and could get to creating kindling straight away.

In the end we found choosing between the two kindling cracker models really comes down to what and where you intend to use it.  If portability and packing light are the priority then you should surely pick the original 10 pound kindling splitter.  But if you need somethings a bit larger and intend on tackling a bit bigger job, then the Kindling Cracker XL is the way to go for sure.  This is still a great addition to your camping kit and most importantly it’s safe to use around children and groups of people.

Comparisons and Possible Alternatives

Obviously, the first possible alternative to the Kindling Cracker XL, is the 10 pound smaller version King Cracker.  As mentioned in our review of the first Kindling Cracker, there are a few other alternatives, copycats and similar devices that can do the job.

The Stikkan Wall Mount Kindling Splitter. It is comparable to the the Kindling Cracker King, as it is also made from cast iron, and is a bit more permanent of a solution.  The main difference is while the King can still be somewhat portable, the Stikkan is a fully permanent splitter.

Further we think the Kindling Cracker can handle larger and longer logs than the Stikkan Kindling Splitter can.  It is only twenty-three inches in length total, it is really only suited for logs up to fourteen inches long.

Another option is the Collins Wood Splitting Wedge. If you are looking for the most simple, portable approach, this may be a good option.

It is extremely portable and lightweight, even moreso than both models of the Kindling Cracker.  But it does take a bit more force since it is only the wedge part of it and not a whole frame.  And unlike either of the Kindling Crackers or the Stikkan wall mounted splitter, the Collins Splitting Wedge is not as safe and thus not well suited near children.


In the end we were just thrilled to see the folks at Kindling Cracker listened to some of the shortcomings of their original product, and developed the bigger, taller, durable Kindling Cracker King.

Firstly, the Kindling Cracker is safe for most ages, making it a great family camping addition.  What users give up in added weight and portability, we feel add the benefit of being able to handle a much bigger size of wood logs.

And it still remains impressive in it’s durability. Since it is made from cast iron, it will last. Yes, it is a full 21 pounds compared to the 10 lb smaller version, but that is the beauty of it.  There is now a Kindling Cracker wood splitter for whatever you need.  Take the original with you on the go and keep the new Kindling Cracker King XL ready and waiting for those stationary camps or secured to your backyard log cutting area as you prep for winter.